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Reyka Vodka hvataferðir

Á undanförnum misserum höfum við skipulagt yfir 30 ferðir með Reyka þar sem hver ferð er með mismunandi tilgang. Sumar ferðir eru með VIP gesti, birgja, viðskiptavini eða alþjóðlega blaðamenn. Grunnurinn að öllum ferðum er að fanga upplifanir í stórkostlegu umhverfi til að undirstrika og tengja uppruna Reyka Vodka við íslenska náttúru og orkuna sem úr henni kemur.

Reyka Vodka hvataferðir

I’ve been working with Sandra since 2016 and she has provided me with some of the best life moments I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. It’s almost hard to call it "work". Not only is she meticulous with planning and logistics, but her knowledge of the Reyka brand world has meant that it’s super easy to communicate our needs for each trip.

I believe we’ve worked together on over 20 trips now and each one has been completely different, and equally as excellent. One of the main benefits of working with Sandra is she doesn’t just listen to what we want to achieve with each trip, but offers excellent creative suggestions regarding activities and experiences in Iceland. She makes me look super cool too which is always a struggle and I appreciate it massively! Being behind the scenes & booking everything is one thing, but to be able to have the vibrant personality to help me host the trips has proven to be an invaluable asset on our excursions. I feel privileged to now call Sandra a friend through our working relationship and it’s been a joy to grow my own career whilst watching her also set up her own businesses and to now be a part of Sena. Bring on 20 more trips! Skál!

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